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Checking in at the Airlie Beach office

Checking In For Avatar
You are asked to check in for Avatar at the office in Airlie Beach before 9.00am on the day of departure. The office is located at the southern end of the main street of Airlie Beach called Shute Harbour Road.

You will then have some free time in Airilie Beach until boarding Avatar at Able Point Marina at 10.00am. BYO alcohol must be bought prior to the trip.

A pre trip briefing will be given at the office when you check in. You would arrange any scuba diving at the same time.

Avatar Whitsunday Islands Itinerary
Whitsundays sailing vessels have no set itinerary. Avatar locations are chosen each day in accordance with wind and tide for safety reasons. Whitehaven Beach is always on the itinerary

Below are some picture videos of island locations that are visited regularly. Avatar does not go out to the Great Barrier Reef. Avatar is a high speed ocean going racing trimaran.
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Avatar Airlie Beach
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