Ise Pearl Whitsundays
60ft Traditional Sailing Ketch
The Ise Pearl Whitsundays is a ex pearling boat built in 1956 and lovingly restored by owner Warren “Sparrow” Burton.  Named after a famous section of pearling coast in Japan the Ise Pearl Whitsundays now offers 3 day 2 night sailing trips in the Whitsunday Islands. Ise Pearl featured in the movie Tales of the South Sea’s which was a Warner Bros production.

The Ise Pearl was rebuilt to offer comfort without losing the authenticity of an old world sailing vessel. Warren and Machi live on the boat full time and invite guests to share the boat as they proudly show them their backyard....the Whitsunday Islands.

Taking only small groups sailing the Ise Pearl is nothing like it was in it’s days as a working pearling boat. A traditional sailing vessel the Ise Pearl now takes passengers to fabulous Whitsundays locations such as Whitehaven beach as well as premium snorkelling locations within the islands.

First mate Machi helps to sail the boat as well as creating fabulous meals for everyone using fresh local produce daily. Passengers are welcome to join in the sailing of the Ise Pearl or can just relax and take in the stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands.

Experience the charm of what sailing used to be, help raise the sails and have a go at the helm if you like. This is what sailing used to be like.

You can even try a spot of night fishing from the Ise Pearl this is the only overnight sailing boat that you can do this from.

The Ise Pearl offers an overnight sailing experience that is very different from other sailing trips. You will feel right at home onboard and take home memories to last a lifetime.

Whitehaven Beach is visited on every trip as well as premium snorkel and dive locations in the Whitsunday Islands.

Sail through the magic Whitsunday Islands taking in coral beaches and stunning fringing reef snorkeling locations.

You will be greeted by friendly fish at snorkelling locations and will probably meet a giant maori wrass who will come to take a look at you.

Fringing reef coral and soft corals will amaze you and sea eagles and ospreys patrol the skies in most locations. Sea turtles, dolphins are common and when in season the mighty Humpback whales are migrating through the Whitsunday islands adding their magic to this special place.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
Scuba Diving not available on Ise Pearl. Free Snorkeling with snorkel gear provided.

Showers (no ensuites), Fresh Linen (bring your own towels), freshly prepared meals, local fees and snorkel gear.

Departs Wednesday 10.00am
Returns Friday 3.30pm
Duration 3 Full Days 2 Nights
Age Group 7 - 70
Cabins multi share bunks
Snorkelling free snorkelling
Cost per person
Non private share berth price on request
Private Charter price on request

Extra Costs
Optional stinger suit hire $15.00 pay onboard

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Freshly Prepared Meals
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[GUEST COMMENT] by John, Laura, Grace, Willa from Golden, Colorado, USA
We had a lovely time sailing the seas - makes quite a change from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Seeing the turtles was a highlight. Thanks for being so gracious to our children and for providing such fabulous meals! A trip we'll never forget.

[GUEST COMMENT] by David, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Camryn from Golden, Colorado, USA
What a great way to finish our 18 day trip to Australia. Thanks for taking us to all your favourite spots & for your patience with our children. The Whitsundays are truly a hidden treasure & hope they stay the way they are for future generations to enjoy. Cheers

"This is so cooool!!".. that's the first thing we've heard from 3 younger kids when they came in their cabin on the departing day. Pre-teenager, Grace steered & sailed Ise Pearl by herself for nearly 2 hours on the last day..

This is a special tailor-made 3 nights 4 days trip for 2 families from Colorado, USA. Cheerful kids energy with lots of giggles filled up Ise Pearl!!

Seagulls, Eagles, Turtles, Fish..
The most beautiful beach in the world - Whitehaven Beach - Sand Castle, Shells, Lizard, blue water..
Snorkelling, jumping off the boat & swimming..
Reading, drawing & playing games with mum & dad..
Sunshine, sun-set, full moon-rise, sun-rise, moon-set..
Sleeping on the bunks in their cabin or sleeping on the deck under the stars..
And kids friendly foods.. & Easter chocolate eggs!!!

We had a lot of fun!!!! Happy Easter!!! xxxxxx

Ideal for Small Group
Family Private Charters
Whitsundays Sailing Fraser Island
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