Fly to Whitehaven Beach
Flying to Whitehaven beach byfloat plane
whitehaven beach scenic flight sea plane
sea plane great barrier reef
whitehaven beach whitsunday islands sea plane
amphibious plane to whitehaven beach
whitehaven beach amphibious plane
whitehaven beach sea plane
Whitehaven Beach flight
Whitehaven Experience
Whitehaven Beach flight
Whitsunday Islands
Scenic Flight landing at
Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach sea plane
with time on the beach
Whitehaven Beach
by Amphibious Plane
Flying to Whitehaven Beach
Whitsunday Island
Flying over Hill Inlet
Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach
Sea Plane
Whitehaven Beach
Scenic Flight
Whitehaven Beach Scenic Flight
Landing at Whitehaven Beach
Time on Whitehaven Beach Picnic Lunch
Whitehaven Beach Experience

Time on tour 2.5 hours
Time flying 30 minutes
Minimum passengers 2 passengers
Maximum passenger 10 passengers
Included scenic sights Whitsunday Islands, Hill Inlet, Whitehaven Beach
Float Plane landing Whitehaven Beach
Included Two hour visit to Whitehaven Beach, beach umbrellas, scenic flight over Shute Harbour, Whitsunday Passage, South Molle, Mid Molle, North Molle Islands, Hill Inlet, Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Experience Flight Price
Adult $295.00
Child (2 to 12) $250.00

Tour Description
Passengers arrive at the Air Whitsundays terminal a half hour prior to departure to check in. A half hour later you are boarding the plane and taking off for your scenic Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach experience.

Flying up the Whitsunday Passage you are able to see the west coast of Hook Island, the Whitsunday Passage, Daydream Island, South Molle Island, mid and North Molle islands before heading to Whitehaven Beach.

The plane will take you over Whitsunday Island before coming in for a smooth landing on the pure white silica sands of Whitehaven beach.

Passengers disembark the plane directly onto Whitehaven beach where you have two hours to explore, sunbake and relax in the shade of a beach umbrella while snacking on a light picnic lunch.

An assortment of Australian brand snacks are provided as well as sparkling Australian wine, and 100% fruit juice drinks.

For those who would like a more extensive trip that lands at the Great Barrier Reef and includes time on Whitehaven Beach please look at the Panorama flight.
Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Islands
2.5 Hour Whitehaven Experience
Scenic Flight Float Plane
Whitehaven Beach scenic flight
scenic flight whitehaven beach
Whitehaven Beach Scenic Flight
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