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SV Whitehaven
Whitsunday Islands
SV Whitehaven
sail and kayaking
Friendly crew
great food
Traditional sailing 
SV Whitehaven
Plenty of room on the
spacious deck
Budget sailing
Whitsunday Islands
Free use of sea kayaks 
SV Whitehaven
Whitsundays sailing on
SV Whitehaven
Onboard multi share
sleeping bunks
Exploring the Whitsunday
Islands by kayak
Sea kayaking fun
SV Whitehaven
Great crew good food
good times
Hill inlet lookout
Whitehaven beach
Whale season
June to October
SV Whitehaven 
Whitsunday Islands
Exploring remote
island locations
Sunbaking on the large
deck of SV Whitehaven
Postcard perfect pictures
Hill Inlet Whitsundays
Group sea kayaking
free with the sailing trip
Heading out to do some exploring by kayak
Bush walk to
Hill Inlet lookout
Help sail
SV Whitehaven
Heading in to
a snorkeling locations
Langford Spit and reef
snorkel location
Hill Inlet
Whitehaven beach
backpacker sailing whitsunday islands
cheap sailing trip whitsunday islands
Traditional sailing on
SV Whitehaven
Good times
good people
avatar whitsundays
budget sailing trip whitsunday islands
sv whitehaven fjun whitsundays sailing
party boat whitsunday islands
A birds eye view in the
Whitunday Islands
Pure white silica sand
Whitehaven beach
Soaking up the sun in
the Whitsundays
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